trauma resolution coaching

These sessions work from the knowledge that in order to successfully heal from traumatic life experiences we must include the body and the brain, as well as the mind. With Jo's extensive training over the last decade she guides you through writing, breathing, body-based exercises and also experiential, interactive, role play exercises where you try on new life behaviors for your ultimate success in healing. These sessions are done via video or in person in order to best redirect the trauma story in a new direction that best suits you.

Body Based Trauma Resolution Coaching (STARTER PACK - ONLINE or OFFLINE)
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Jo is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance with over a decade of experience in 1-on-1 and group facilitation. In Trauma Sensitive classes you can expect to be met where you are at in the moment with compassion and encouragement. Jo looks forward to practicing with you soon!




Jo has spoken on the subject of personal and collective resilience as well as PTSD Growth as a survivor, author, and trauma resolution coach at the Harvard Faculty Club as well as at The Mental Health Coalition in Sedona, Arizona. You may hire Jo as a keynote speaker, college campus speaker, or military grounds speaker in support of what it means to be resilient through trauma. Contact Jo to share with her what you have in mind.




Jo's veteran father turned entrepreneur owned and managed stations in Virginia when she was growing up. This largely influenced her passion for carrying one’s voice forward for the benefit of all. She has interviewed guests ranging from doctors to veterans to business owners and speakers since 2014. Jo is open to radio co-hosting opportunities with established radio companies and/or professionals in their fields.

Contact Jo to share with her what you have in mind.



Jo Standing’s integrity, passion, and desire to support people are values by which she lives. She is a wonderful combination of warmth, friendliness, and professional skills. In addition, Jo is an accomplished author of Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back and an invited public speaker. 

I’m very proud of her newest ventures as a Resilience Trainer/Growth Facilitator with and as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher. 
I highly recommend Jo Standing.
— Gale O'Brien: Certified Master Coach and Author of the book TRANSFORMATION: CREATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE IN THE FACE OF CANCER
Jo is a thoughtful and insightful radio host who brings her expertise and compassion to her listeners. Her show is always a must-listen!
— Melinda Walsh, Story Stylist: Using The Power of Words to Transform Lives
Jo’s work helping people heal from traumatic life events and remove the drama from the experience is powerful. She is a poised communicator and interviewer. Her podcast series is an inspiration for anyone needing to heal and I look forward to working with her in the future.
— Karen Chandler, Director of Communications
I feel that I serve as a living testament to Jo’s ability to guide and nourish the minds and hearts of our United States military service members. When I was in the throes of desperation after 37 total months in war zone combat, her compassion and experience enlightened me to what was happening to me and why. Thankfully for me as her telephone coaching client in 2012, she exuded the charisma, wit and intelligence to capture the attention of those who are struggling with the unresolved issues, trauma has brought into their lives. Miss Standing’s creativity and precision when faced with topics that matter, make her a most wonderful option for your veterans to rekindle their belief in their ability to rehabilitate themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally and even physically with her immense Yoga knowledge. That is what she has done for me.
— First Sergeant (Ret.) Enrique L. Aguilar
I first met Jo Standing at the Personal Development Symposium at the Harvard Faculty Club in 2016, where we were both speakers. I was impressed by Jo as a speaker and by her story & aspirations. It was been inspiring to see her bring those to life over the past couple of years & continue her mission helping others through the challenges of PTSD. It was an honor to have her on my radio show, Embrace Change with Kate & Michelle, this week. She was a wonderful guest and shared a wealth of information with our audience. I received a heart-felt thank you for Jo from a listener touched by what Jo shared. Thank you Jo!
— Kate Olsen, Embrace Change Radio Founder and Host