230-hr Yoga Teacher Training for both new and experienced teachers seeking to learn more:


  • Physical Asana lessons

  • Breathing Pranayama lessons

  • Anatomy lessons for all learning types

  • Meditation styles to be learned

  • Teaching Practice 

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Philosophy of Yoga


  • How to uncover your authentic self beneath the mental chatter.

  • Discover how to practice non-harm (ahimsa) to deeper levels in the leading of your students.

  • Learn how to be present for yourself, your practice, and your students in new ways.

  • Realize your shadow in a healthy, non-judgmental, way in order to best serve your path as a teacher.

  • Practice teaching beyond perfectionism in order to nurture your students on all levels of self including spiritual growth

  • Understand your boundaries as a yoga facilitator. 

  • BONUS: how to support all survivors no matter what the original trauma.

  • BONUS: what is trauma and how does it show up in the mental, emotional, and energetic self as well as in the brain.

  • BONUS: how to react if a student is triggered and what to do in order to reduce the possibility of re-traumatizing a student.

  • Learn how to best empower survivors and encourage letting go of old stories as a facilitator.