IN 2002, IN NYC, JOS-MADELAINE STANDING, OTHERWISE SIMPLY KNOWN AS JO, had the great fortune of attending Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. When trauma and PTSD hit home hard, she decided to take the greatest measure of healing possible: the practice of self-love. So, she began a journey that, although it wasn't her initial dream of acting, led her on a real life saga that brought her to newly-realized places within herself, and therefore allowed her to focus on the most beautiful parts of challenge itself, in the classroom with her participants, with her loved ones, and with her speaking audiences at Harvard Faculty Club, and beyond.



In 2003, Jo attended her first screenwriting workshop in the Pacific Northwest at Esalen Institute. Then, she was a Production Assistant in Los Angeles in the later part of 2003 with a documentary-filmmaking company that focused on the war between Afghanistan and The United States. Jo gave editorial advice that was implemented into the documentary that became a mentionable success at the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Marketplace during the following year.

In the cold of winter of 2004, Jo made the conscious career choice to move to the Midwest of The United States to study the field of Holistic Arts where she would meet her 10+ year mentor, Anne Steffen-Russo.

Then, in the year of January 2005, Jo began her holistic teaching career at a wellness center located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, pretty much the backyard of Cincinnati, while simultaneously diving into the writing of her first book called Heaven In The Meat Packing District, a fiction tale, that explores what it means to be responsible for our own energy selves, and in other words, how our personal intentions affect both ourselves, and others. Not only was writing the book fun, it gave Jo the chance to explore a new narrative within her own life, and she was directly influenced by the power of consciously recrafting stories, to heal, empower and mold our best selves. Over the course of several years, Jo wrote Heaven In the Meat Packing District at diverse places like a 1950's style ice cream shop, located inside an old train station in downtown Cincinnati, on the island of Hvar in Croatia, Martha's Vineyard and in Vancouver, Canada.  

In August of 2006, Jo moved to Vancouver, Canada where she would reside for eight and a half years. Jo made a point to enrich her studies, while continuing to lead public classes in mindfulness coaching, transformative energy work, transcendental meditation, and personal empowerment group exercises. 


Jo studied creative writing classes at The University of British Columbia and Emily Carr Art Institute on Granville Island, as well as Conflict Resolution and Mediation at The Justice Institute of British Columbia. In addition, she expanded her field of holistic healing knowledge at Rhodes Wellness College, Prana Yoga College and Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada.

As a writer, her influences range from Oscar Wilde's bluntness, to Kurt Vonnegut's whacky sense of humor, from Maya Angelou’s every book of wisdom, to Margaret Atwood’s shrewd look at the world’s state of affairs today, to Thich Nhat Hanh's inclusive look at faith amongst all cultures and Chelsea Handler's irreverance and bold lack of shame.

As a PTSD recovery guide, her work is influenced by Trauma Specialist Dr. Peter Levine, Energy-Medicine Practitioner Anne Steffen-Russo, BodyTalk Systems Advanced Teacher Dr. Mary Shields, International Yoga Teacher Shakti Mhi and Classroom Facilitator Greg Gurel.


In November of 2015, Jo published Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back. In Spring of 2016 she published The Conquer Trauma Drama Workbook. Her latest books are non-fiction and explore people's evidential ability to heal the effects of PTSD. Jo believes that as a byproduct of PTSD we are capable of winning our lives back, with the gain of more intimate and loving relationships, and enriched life productivity. With a decade of therapeutic studies and experience in teaching self-recovery, the book, Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back is a reward for anyone seeking to take control of their life again after challenging life events.  Conquer Trauma Drama The Workbook, a follow-up to the paperback, is designed for students worldwide. It is presently being used in workshops with Veterans and their families to create an environment of safety and belonging while exploring and transforming the markers of post-traumatic stress disorder. Jo spoke at The Harvard Faculty Club and continues to speak on resilience. 

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